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MAPS Solutions has a range of diversified and inclusive products, which are strategically applied to your business, in order to achieve all the desired goals.

Work Method

All projects developed by MAPS Solutions are highly personalized and based on a comprehensive analysis of the various features of your business.

Case Study:

A mapping of all the business main points, involving marketing strategies, action plans, goals, communication, strengths and weaknesses.


After analyzing the collected data, solutions are listed and presented in the form of a proposal that already contemplates the means to implement such suggestions.

MAPS Solutions

MAPS Solutions

MAPS Solutions

Main Areas

MAPS solution platform covers a variety of actions and parameters capable of generating responses at various levels.

Responsible Tourism Experience

Examination of previous scripts considering possible adaptations for more sustainable results. Proposition of new itineraries, essentially focused on responsible tourism.

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Courses and Lectures

Highly qualified professionals in the areas of Tourism and Sustainability, nationally and internationally, promote current and relevant content to their audience, as well as attract qualified audience into their projects.



Studies about the company's operation, as well as its organizational culture (mission, purpose and values) in order to identify which certification best suits you.



Count on a team prepared to train your employees, step by step in your action plan, aiming at a harmonious operation in all stages, as well as full results.

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Specialized Communication

Count on a prepared team, who has deep knowledge on the subject, and will be able to carry out an effective, strategic and aligned communication with your new goals. Contact MAPS to receive a proposal with the best and most personalized sustainable solutions for your business.

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