MAPS Projects


Ágora Project.

Investing in experiences with nature costs little and yields a lot.

To learn from nature is to gain from it.

Agroforestry is a multi-crop system densified in a limited area, where several species are planted simultaneously. With different life cycles, these plants contribute to the ensemble to thrive naturally. No need for pesticides, using sustainable management. The technique is applied today in the most diverse situations:

  • natural, cooperative, useful and constructive landscaping

  • implementation in farms and cooperatives that adhere to sustainable agriculture

  • production in urban spaces, for food and livelihood of communities

  • recovery of degraded areas and control of soil erosion

  • environmental education, at all levels and age groups

Tailor-made cultivation: nature thanks you. Your brand too.

The Ágora MAPS Project was created to make opportunities for sustainable action accessible to entrepreneurs, marketing directors, public relations and human resources according to the possibilities and objectives of each company. The multiplicity of applications and the flexibility of the proposals make it possible to adapt and personalize the concept of urban agroforestry in a very precise and effective way, in a short time and with little space. Human, natural and institutional benefits are always far superior to the investment that this type of action requires.

A space to call our own

Living with nature and among employees, outside the usual work environment

Adoption of a space, public or private, in the surroundings or within the company, to carry out a signed agroecological action

Interaction that can extend to suppliers and / or customers, according to the objectives of the action

Organic breakfast and snacks, prepared by renowned chefs in this area

Educational lecture on the basic concepts of permaculture and agroforestry

Hands on: everyone working the land and planting, for the sake of each and everyone

Leisure activities and socializing valuing the concept of shared experience in nature

Optional artistic and recreational attractions: music, dance, craft practices etc

Optional photo and video coverage (or performed by the company itself)

Right to use images for internal dissemination and on the company's social networks

Optional annual calendar, with actions scheduled inside and outside the company

Put your brand's signature in nature: it bears good fruit.

The implementation of the project is feasible for companies of any size, adjusting to budgets, objectives and needs. The fruits and gains have been palpable since the beginning and extend over time and space, transferring new knowledge and practices to the personal lives of each participant, and a strong added value to their brand for the consumer market.

Some of the benefits:

  • qualitative leap in the relationship of employees (and guests) with the company and with work

  • satisfaction by engaging in something that transcends the productive routine and benefits everyone and the planet

  • elevation of self-esteem, empathy and collaborative spirit

  • gain perception: work is added to a common, broader and more motivating objective

  • encouragement, willingness to participate and appropriation of objectives and results

  • association of the company's brand and / or product with a sustainability project

  • disclosure to customer and supplier networks

  • development of differentiated HR actions, from the first agroecological action signed