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Zimbabwe Mangwende Orphan Care, Africa
The project combines the exchange of experiences and knowledge with local interventions: courses, engagement of leaders and the community, planning, implementation of permaculture programs, agro-forestry, bioconstruction and community-based tourism.
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Flying away

Based on the diagnosis and planning developed jointly with the local leaders, the current implementation phase was divided into three stages:


  • establishing relationships with local authorities and communities

  • diagnosis and mapping of problems

  • schedule and planning of actions

  • structuring of courses

  • involvement of sponsoring companies and supporters

  • Brazilian team travel to Zimbabwe

Local action

  • implementation of the planned program of courses and practices

  • advanced diagnosis of sustainable development potentials

  • diagnosis for the institution of community-based tourism

  • visits to other communities, meetings with leaders and authorities

  • recording of each action step in photo, video and audio

Results and goals

  • disclosure to the press, with credits to the sponsor in all media

  • sponsor's right to use the images within one year

  • presentation of the project, local actions and results for dissemination

  • socio-environmental value added to the sponsoring brand

  • evaluation of developments and successive phases of the project

A guided flight

Led by Evans Mangwende (director and coordinator of Magwende Orphan Care, in Zimbabwe), Bento Cruz (anthropologist, teacher and permaculturist) and Carla Mott Ancona Lopez (businesswoman and business consultant in sustainable projects), the action has teams working in Brazil and abroad. Its design will be applied in this Zimbawe community but it was designed to become an adaptable model and replicable to other Project Phoenix initiatives..


In this action, training courses in sustainable development techniques will be taught by Bento Cruz, whose performance is internationally recognized. Strategic and logistical planning, public relations and coordination from Brazil are conducted by Carla Mott Ancona. The audiovisual documentation of the project is in charge of the specialized journalist and videomaker Paulo Franco. . In Zimbabwe, coordination is with Evans Magwende, an influential local leader. Together, the team will produce a diagnosis and plan for structuring community-based tourism in the territory.

Evans Mangwende
Carla Mott
Ancona Lopez
Bento Cruz
Paulo Franco