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Sustainable Village in Santo André, Bahia, Brasil
Based on the socio-environmental diagnosis in the village of Santo André, municipality of Cabrália-BA, the project will promote the potential of the population and its territory towards a sustainable economy. The introduction of appropriate practices will provide instruments for the inhabitants to acquire autonomy, in favor of self-sufficiency that preserves the environment.

The first social and environmental impact actions

Macro objectives
  • Transforming Santo André into a sustainable village model for the whole of Brazil;

  • Through appropriate methodology and dissemination of the case of Vila de Santo André and similar ones (such as, for example, the Aratu Project, on Mem de Sá Island / Sergipe), generate incentives for these models to be replicated.






Participatory Diagnosis
Fruits of a Sustainable Project

Participatory Diagnosis

It consists of mapping the local socioeconomic reality, by collecting strategic data on the potential of the region and on the needs of the community. The analysis that results from this investigation allows to direct the first community actions with significant population adherence:

  • Accurate diagnosis of problems in the region;

  • Integration and commitment of all actors;

  • The inhabitants become transforming agents;

  • Bonds of union and notion of group are established and guarantee the continuity of actions;

  • Horizontality of relations;

  • Value is added to the patrimony that belongs to everyone.

This set of actions leads to important results, which are fed and renewed continuously.

Fruits of a sustainable project

The Participatory Diagnosis contributes to make the residents of the village aware of the region's wealth and problems, preparing them to seek sustainable development solutions, with low-cost initiatives and effective benefits.


Agroforestry/edible gardens for own consumption or sale


Selective collection, composting and recycling


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